Congratulatory Messages


From the Governor General

The Governor General sends messages to Canadians, on request, who are 90 years of age or older, and to couples who have been married for 50 years or more.

The Governor General also sends messages of congratulations to individuals marking a significant milestone and to organizations hosting a variety of events. The message criteria is accessible by the link below.

To request a birthday, anniversary or congratulatory message from the Governor General, please click here.


From Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II sends messages to Canadians, on request, who are 100 years of age or older and to couples who have been married for 60 years or more.

To request a birthday or anniversary message from the Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, please click here.


From the Prime Minister

The Prime Minister sends congratulatory certificates, on request, to Canadians celebrating significant birthdays or wedding anniversaries.

Congratulatory certificates are available for:

25th wedding anniversaries and up (at 5-year intervals)
65th birthdays and up

To request a congratulatory message from the Prime Minister, click here.


From your Member of Parliament

For significant anniversaries, milestone birthdays, certificates of achievement & local events, please contact me.