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New Brunswick Southwest Member of Parliament John Williamson responded to reports that dual-national citizens living in Hong Kong will be forced to choose between Canada and China after an abrupt policy change:

近日有報導指出,擁有雙重國籍的居港加國公民將被逼在加拿大籍和中國籍之間做出選擇。代表紐賓士域省的加拿大國會議員約翰·威廉森(John Williamson)就此事作出回應:


As a longtime friend of Hong Kong, I believe it is vital that we defend the rights and freedoms of the territory’s citizens. Free people and democratic governments must not be made to kowtow to Beijing.



I lived in Hong Kong during the territory’s handover from Britain to the People’s Republic of China on July 1, 1997, and I’ve returned many times. I have the fondest memories of the territory and the deepest affection for the people of Hong Kong.



Hong Kong has been remarkably successful as a safe and prosperous abode because of its people, its freedoms and its institutions. Today, all three are at risk.



Mainland China has abandoned the Sino-British Joint Declaration that had guaranteed democratic rights and free speech to Hong Kong’s 7.5 million residents. Beijing does not recognize these inalienable human rights and is undermining or outright cancelling them in Hong Kong.



Now, China’s Communist Party is demanding, through its territorial government, that Hong Kong Canadians abandon ties with either the Special Administrative Region or with Canada. The Communist Party apparatchiks are counting on Canada to abandon our citizens.



This is another heavy-handed attempt by Beijing to strip basic rights. It is a deplorable move by an undemocratic totalitarian regime.



The ramifications are massive and include the denial of mobility rights to leave Hong Kong as well as the loss of representation by the Government of Canada – including consular access. 



I, along with other Canadians, and friends of Hong Kong, call on the Government of Canada to:



(1) Protect the rights of our citizens by informing Beijing that the mobility rights of Hong Kong Canadians are non-negotiable and sacrosanct.



(2) Quickly open a path to Canadian citizenship for family members of Canadian citizens in Hong Kong.



(3) Offer a three-year working visa with a path to citizenship for Hong Kong students completing an accredited study program in Canada.



(4) Expedite asylum claims made by Hong Kong people involved in the pro‐democracy movement.



(5) Work with the United Kingdom, United States, France, Australia, New Zealand and other democracies to protect the fundamental and inviolable rights of all dual-national citizens living in Hong Kong.



For many generations, Hong Kong has accepted migrants and refugees from mainland China and elsewhere in Asia who were seeking freedoms and a better life. Today, the Hong Kong people are seeking assistance from other democracies. Canada must stand with them.

數代之久,香港接納了無數來自中國和其他亞洲地區,為追求民主自由和更美好生活的移民和難民。今天,香港人正在尋求其他民主國家的幫助。 加拿大必須與香港人同行。


Please sign the petition to the House of Commons, Parliament of Canada:



I stand with a free Hong Kong and call on the Canadian government to protect the rights of Canadians living in the territory.


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