Statement on providing immediate financial help to families paying record pump prices

St. Stephen, New Brunswick • New Brunswick Southwest Member of Parliament John Williamson issued the following statement on providing immediate financial help to families paying record pump prices:

Canada’s carbon tax will again go up on April 1, which will further increase already sky-high prices. The Liberal government has rejected calls to defer its regressive carbon tax, which hurts people with modest and fixed incomes the most.

The quickest solution for our province to help struggling New Brunswick families paying punishing gasoline & energy prices is for Premier Blaine Higgs to quickly abandon his management of Justin Trudeau’s carbon tax before April 1.

Doing so wouldn’t end the regressive carbon tax since the Trudeau Liberals have mandated an equivalent federal carbon tax, so-called backstop, but it would result in people in New Brunswick receiving quarterly payments from Ottawa.

Only families in provinces that have NOT agreed to adopt the Liberal’s carbon tax scheme receive cheques: Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and Alberta.

New Brunswick should join this list to help struggling seniors and working families.

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