Statement on Putin’s war in Ukraine

Parliament Hill • New Brunswick Southwest Member of Parliament John Williamson issued the following statement on Putin’s war in Ukraine:

As Canadians, we are united in our disgust and opposition to Putin’s war in Ukraine and the mounting loss of innocent life.

We are deeply sympathetic to the struggle of Ukraine’s people for we consider Russia’s military assault an attack on our own freedoms.

We support President Zelensky’s courageous leadership and the heroic counterpunch of the Ukrainian armed forces and civilian volunteers.

We are awestruck by the defiance of Ukrainians in the face of Russia’s military might and their willingness to fight, whatever the cost.

Canada’s federal government has responded quickly, in concert with our NATO allies, to Russian aggression in eastern Europe.

But more should be done immediately, including closing Canadian airspace to Russian aircarriers as our European allies have done and removing Moscow-controlled Russia Today (RT) television from Canada’s airwaves.

I hope Parliament will show its support, when it sits next week, for the actions of the Government of Canada concerning Russia’s attack on Ukraine.

It is also necessary to realize that sanctions don’t win wars – soldiers and citizens with weapons do.

Ukraine should be provided arms and the financial resources forthwith to purchase weapons – especially to destroy tanks and aircrafts.

Canada should also move quickly to grant asylum to Ukrainian refugees fleeing Russian aggression as we did in 1956 when Hungary was occupied by the Soviets. But recognize too that what Ukrainians want foremost is arms, not sanctuary.

Canada’s natural resources – our abundant natural gas and captured oil reserves – should be mobilized to help all Europe escape its energy dependence on Russia.

This dependence weakens them in the face of Moscow’s aggression and guarantees Russia a market for its resources. We must not continue Angela Merkel’s failed legacy a moment longer.

Building Canada’s Energy East pipeline to Saint John, New Brunswick, could have ended our country’s dependence on Russian oil. It could have opened new markets in Europe to offset Russian oil.

The Alberta-to-Texas Keystone XL pipeline could have ended U.S. dependence on Russian oil. This would have made Russia poorer and weaker.

Ending these pipelines were policy choices made in Ottawa and Washington with significant consequences.

We must help Ukraine and all Europe fight the Russians.

Canada can contribute mightily to this struggle with our abundant natural resources. But this will mean ending our own assault on hydrocarbons.

I stand with Ukraine and believe Canada must help with every resource at our disposal. Slava Ukraini!


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