Conservatives demand Fisheries Minister Joyce Murray extend the Lobster Fishing Season in LFA 36

June 27, 2023 – Conservative MPs for New Brunswick Southwest, John Williamson, and Fundy Royal, Hon. Rob Moore, issued the following statement regarding Fisheries Minister Joyce Murray’s refusal to extend the lobster fishing season in New Brunswick's Lobster Fishing Area 36: 

“For the past half decade, LFA 36 benefited from a 10-day lobster season extension up until July 9. Many in southwest New Brunswick viewed this as a step towards a permanent change to the traditional lobster fishing season in LFA 36. However, Fisheries Minister Joyce Murray’s decision on Friday to reject the anticipated extension has caused distress among local fishing communities, especially given that prior analysis by industry experts has shown no negative impact on whale populations, lobster stocks or market prices. 

“The delay in announcing this decision, expected in May, has been met with frustration and concern. The lack of concrete responses from Department of Fisheries and Oceans (DFO) officials until the fisheries minister’s decision not to extend the season led the industry to believe that good news was on the way. This was not just an oversight — it is another insult by the Liberal government against rural communities. This decision by Liberal Fisheries Minister Murray will hurt local economies and working families. 

“An extension is crucial for the financial health and well-being of local fishing families and businesses servicing LFA 36. With the season now ending on June 29, this premature closure will lead to significant financial losses for workers and buyers as it effectively reduces working days. Many fishing captains will also be forced to stop fishing early to collect lobster traps or risk facing fines by the DFO. 

“Conservatives demand that Minister Murray change her decision and do what’s right for the fishing communities that so greatly contribute to our economy and way of life. The federal government should be removing barriers to work in fishing in an era of soaring inflation and punitive Liberal Carbon Taxes that are making it tougher to pay the bills and stay afloat in Atlantic Canada.”

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