MP Williamson exposes Liberal mishandling of Small Craft Harbours project on Grand Manan Island


September 2, 2023 – Conservative MP for New Brunswick Southwest, John Williamson, issued the following statement regarding the Trudeau Government's mishandling of Small Craft Harbours project on Grand Manan Island:

"In my three terms as a Member of Parliament, I've never witnessed a more botched, secretive and problematic infrastructure project than in the community of North Head on Grand Manan Island. What has happened under the oversight of the federal departments of Fisheries & Oceans and Public Works is appalling and must be corrected forthwith.

"Over 35,000 tonnes of noxious debris dredged from the harbour is piled up and sits idle. It cannot be dumped elsewhere on the island because it's a health and environment hazard and needs to be moved off island to a facility able to manage hazardous waste. That this has not happened after two summers is completely unacceptable.

"I have attempted to get answers from the government. I will next raise these questions in Parliament when MPs return in mid-September in order to get the job completed so life returns to normal for North Head residents as quickly as possible.

"My understanding is that the transfer of dredged debris from North Head is a condition in the federal government's contract with Greenfield Construction. If it was not in the Government of Canada contract, residents and taxpayers need answers on this multi-million dollar fiasco from the federal government.

"Imagine if towering piles of debris were left by a construction company in your peaceful neighborhood or across from inns and restaurants in your community or abandoned near any lakeshore. I understand why Grand Manan residents are upset and federal officials and government Ministers will soon hear our voice in the House of Commons.

"And to my friends in New Brunswick's media, CHCO Television, The Saint Croix Courier, CTV Atlantic News, CBC New Brunswick, Telegraph-Journal, Global News, this story should be further examined.

"It has a lot of angles: Trudeau Government incompetence and foot dragging by slow to act federal officials, environmental hazards, malfeasance, a picturesque local fishing & tourist community in distress along with island residents coping with a distant federal government and an uncooperative business from away. It could also be a problem for North Head fishing boats ahead of November's lobster season since additional blasting and dredging needs to be completed once the onshore debris is moved. There is even a connection with the infamous taxpayer-busting ATCON corporation."

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